Economic Sociology in Korea

Our Global Ambassadors Program links economic sociologists from across the globe, sharing how economic sociologists operate in a wide range of countries.

The complex relations between economy and society had long been a prominent topic among Korean sociologists given the country’s tumultuous path to postwar recovery and development.

Interview with Francesco Duina

Francesco Duina is professor of sociology at Bates College. He also holds and honorary professorship at the University of British Columbia and is a visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School. His recent book, Broke and Patriotic: Why Poor Americans Love Their Country (Stanford, 2018) was the winner of an Independent Book Publishers Award.

Getting A Job

Tips. Publish, publish, publish! But do so in high quality venues where recent hires in top jobs have published. Keep in mind that speciality journals can also do the trick. Here’s an oldie but goodie on writing a publishable article, from Ezra Zuckerman.

Before Inequality Was In Vogue

"The year when the organizing meeting happened at the ASA Meeting to create a new section of called Economic Sociology… I noticed that after over an hour of discussion there was no mention of inequality.”

An Interview with Donald Tomaskovic-Devey (Umass-Amherst)